The BEN ASV suspended over the deck of the NOAA Ship Fairweather.

The BEN ASV went where no robotic boat has gone before—far above the Arctic Circle. During the expedition, BEN became the first ASV to deploy from a NOAA vessel in Alaskan waters.

GEBCO director Rochelle Wigley poses with the six GEBCO scholars who are holding their certificates.

Congratulations to the Year 14 GEBCO Scholars! A few weeks ago, we gathered in the CCOM courtyard to celebrate their graduation. It's hard to say goodbye but we know they will return to their home countries with new skills and lasting connections to colleagues around the world.

GEBCO Scholar Cecilia Cortina presents in front of an audience sitting with computer monitors.

NOAA Coast Survey hosted the 4th annual Chart Adequacy Workshop at NOAA’s HQ in Silver Spring, MD. Thirteen countries were respresented at this year's meeting which aims to improve the collection, quality, and availability of hydrographic data world-wide, and help standardize chart adequacy evaluations around the world.

A poster showing maps with bathymetry and backscatter in the Gulf of Maine. The charts are accompanied by 2 columns of photos of equipment, the Gulf Surveyor, and the dock at the tide station.

The 2018 Summer Hydro class spent weeks mapping in the Gulf of Maine—off the coast of Gerrish Island, south of York Harbor. Altogether, the two teams, The Manta Consultants and The Hydrones, surveyed 5.3 square kilometers.

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Semme Dijkstra being interviewed while on the deck of the Gulf surveyor.

Chronicle correspondent Anthony Everett spent a day aboard the R/V Gulf Surveyor with the Summer Hydro students and learned about the initiative to map the entire ocean by 2030

CCOM/JHC in the News

Aug. 6, 2018

CCOM affiliate professor Brad Barr weighs in on how to define, and therefore protect, areas of ocean wilderness.

NOAA's Coast Survey Blog
Aug. 2, 2018

CCOM's BEN ASV team collaborated with NOAA Ship Fairweather in the first deployment of an ASV in the Arctic from a NOAA vessel.

Marine Technology News
Aug. 8, 2018

CCOM researchers, together with personnel from NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey, recently completed an Arctic voyage that deployed the BEN ASV from the NOAA Ship Fairweather.

Upcoming and Recent Seminars

LCDR Jose M. Cordero
M.S. Defense in Ocean Engineering/Ocean Mapping


Friday, Jul. 20, 2018, 10:00am
Tiziana W. Munene
Directed Research Project

Earth Sciences/Ocean Mapping

Thursday, May. 3, 2018, 3:00pm

Recent Publications

Giuseppe Masetti; Larry A. Mayer; Larry G. Ward
Larry A. Mayer; Martin Jakobsson; Graham Allen; B. Dorschel; Robin Falconer; Vicki L. Ferrini; Geoffroy Lamarche; Helen Snaith; Pauline Weatherall

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Sound Speed Manager streamlines the use of sound speed profiles in survey acquisition and data processing. The app provides support for commonly-used formats, model-based profile enhancement, and database management with built-in functionalities for analysis and visualization. Sound Speed Manager is an open-source project jointly developed by CCOM and NOAA Coast Survey Development Laboratory.