Exploring the Ocean Through Soundscapes

TitleExploring the Ocean Through Soundscapes
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsMiksis-Olds, J, Martin, B, Tyack, PL
JournalAcoustics Today
Date PublishedMarch 8
PublisherAcoustical Society of America

Underwater acoustic research has revealed the amazing physics of how sound propagates in the ocean, primarily motivated by using sound to detect oil and gas under the Earth’s crust or for naval applications. Along the way, we learned that marine life has capitalized on ocean physics and evolved the use of sound as a primary sensory modality for interacting with the environment. We are now listening in on the underwater conversations and using passive acoustics to assess marine biodiversity, animal density, and ecosystem status and health. This article introduces the idea of an underwater soundscape, successes in using the soundscape to understand marine ecology, the modeling of soundscapes, and ocean sound as an essential ocean variable (EOV).

Publication Linkhttp://acousticstoday.org/exploring-ocean-soundscapes/
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