Design and Analysis of Aquaculture Structures at the University of New Hampshire

Corey Sullivan
Research Engineer

School of Marine Science
and Ocean Engineering
University of New Hampshire

Friday, Sep. 7, 2018, 3:10pm
Chase 105

UNH has a history of experience and expertise in the design and analysis of open-ocean aquaculture systems. That work continues today with projects focused on the design and analysis of different ocean-going systems. The work being done centers on seakeeping analysis and structural load expectancy, among other things that are important to establish and test before a structure is deployed in the field. This talk covers past work, ongoing projects, as well as future projects coming to UNH in the aquaculture field analyzing and designing these structures.


Corey Sullivan is a Research Engineer with the SMSOE. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from UNH in 2014 and went on to get his Master’s in Ocean Engineering in 2016 under Rob Swift designing an integrated multi-trophic aquaculture raft. He is currently working on different open-ocean aquaculture focused projects with Dr. Michael Chambers, Dr. Rob Swift and Dr. Igor Tsukrov. His work focuses on the design of new aquaculture structures as well as the structural and hydrodynamic analysis of these systems.