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Tiziana Munene

M.S. Student - Ocean Engineering/Ocean Mapping
Office 220P

Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center
Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Lab
24 Colovos Road
Durham, New Hampshire 03824

603.862.0564 (tel)
603.862.0839 (fax)

I graduated from the University of Florida in May 2015 with a B.S. in Geomatics, after transferring from the Geospatial Engineering department at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. As an undergraduate, I worked on various land surveying projects and I was also involved in a research project by the University of Florida’s Wildlife department. I got to analyze data obtained using the drones and produce orthoimages that could be exported to Google Earth.

I am new to the ocean mapping field and my interest for now is on data analysis and image processing, but I hope to narrow it down as I learn more and more on the topic.

Some of my hobbies are hiking, camping, reading, dancing, and sleeping.