Atlantic Deep-water Ecosystem Observatory Network (ADEON): An Integrated System

TitleAtlantic Deep-water Ecosystem Observatory Network (ADEON): An Integrated System
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsMiksis-Olds, J, Ainslie, MA, Martin, SB, Warren, J, Heaney, K, Lyons, AP
Conference NameOCEANOISE2017
Conference LocationBarcelona, Spain
Conference DatesMay 11-15

An Atlantic Deepwater Ecosystem Observatory Network (ADEON) for the U.S. Mid- and South Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) is currently being developed. ADEON will generate long term measurements of the natural and human factors that describe the ecology and soundscape of the OCS. Ocean processes, marine life dynamics, and human ocean use are each inherently three-dimensional and time-dependent, and each occur at many spatial and temporal scales. No single measurement system (in situ or remote) is sufficient for describing any of the ocean state variables, and a “multi-platform, multi-variable”ù observational approach integrated with models is required. The ADEON network will combine acoustic information with contextual data from space-based remote sensing, hydrographic sensors, and mobile platforms to fully comprehend how human, biologic, and natural abiotic components create the soundscape and influence ecosystem dynamics of the OCS. Measurements made within this research program will serve as a baseline for pattern and trend analyses of ambient sound and the ecosystem components contributing to the OCS soundscapes. Study concept, oversight, and funding were provided by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Environmental Studies Program, Washington, DC under contract Number M16PC00003, in partnership with other NOPP funding agencies.