Current work status of S-125 Navigational Services

TitleCurrent work status of S-125 Navigational Services
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsEngstrom, S, Sullivan, BM, Lewald, RD
Number of Pages4
Date PublishedNovember 18
Organization NameInternational Hydrographic Organization
KeywordsAids to Navigation, Notice to Mariners, S-125

At NIPWG2 it was decided there would be a task team assigned to working on the s125 – Navigational Services. The work would include additional light data (work originating at SNPWG), as well as other AtoN such as AIS/V-AIS AtoN and GMDSS data. Within the team there was hope that the S-125 could also “absorb” much of the Notices to Mariners. A data model would be created that would attempt to encapsulate all the objects it was expected to contain. This paper describes the work completed to date based on the last two NIPWG meetings and an overview of the major discussions that have come up within the task team for the NIPWG group to consider.