Developing a GIS-Database and Risk Index for Potentially Polluting Marine Sites

TitleDeveloping a GIS-Database and Risk Index for Potentially Polluting Marine Sites
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsMasetti, G, Calder, BR, Alexander, L
Conference Name2012 Canadian Hydrographic Conference
Conference DatesMay 15 - May 17
Conference LocationNiagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
KeywordsGIS Database; Risk Index for Potentially Polluting Marine Sites; GML; PPMS; MaSiRI; shipwreck; IHO S-100

The increasing availability of geospatial marine data provides an opportunity for hydrographic offices to contribute to the identification of “Potentially Polluting Marine Sites” (PPMS). These include shipwrecks, oil rigs, pipelines, and dumping areas. To adequately assess the environmental risk of these sites, relevant information must be collected and converted into a multi-scale geodatabase suitable for site inventory and geo-spatial analysis. In addition, a Risk Index – representing an assessment of the magnitude of risk associated with any site – can be derived to determine the potential impacts of these PPMS. However, the successful collection and integration of PPMS information requires some effort to ‘normalize’ and standardize the data based on recognized international standards. In particular, there is benefit in structuring the data in conformance with the Universal Hydrographic Data Model (IHO S-100) recently adopted by the International Hydrographic Organization. In this paper, an S-100 compliant product specification for a PPMS geo-spatial database and associated Marine Site Risk Index is proposed which can be used by national hydrographic offices and marine protection agencies.

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