Huddl: the Hydrographic Universal Data Description Language

TitleHuddl: the Hydrographic Universal Data Description Language
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsMasetti, G, Calder, BR
JournalInternational Hydrographic Review
Date PublishedMay 2105
PublisherInternational Hydrographic Bureau
Place PublishedMonaco, Monaco Cedex, Monaco
Keywordscompiler, database, format, huddl, huddler

Since many of the attempts to introduce a universal hydrographic data format have failed or have been only partially successful, a different approach is proposed. Our solution is the Hydrographic Universal Data Description Language (Huddl), a descriptive XML-based language that permits the creation of a standardized description of (past, present, and future) data formats, and allows for applications like Huddler, a compiler that automatically creates drivers for data access and manipulation. Huddl also represents a powerful solution for archiving data along with their structural description, as well as for cataloguing existing format specifica-tions and their version control. Huddl is intended to be an open, community-led initiative to simplify the issues involved in hydrographic data access.

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