Measurement of Dynamic Biases in Hydrographic Surveying Using an Industrial Laser Scanner

TitleMeasurement of Dynamic Biases in Hydrographic Surveying Using an Industrial Laser Scanner
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsPe'eri, S, Eren, F, Birkebak, M, Pradith, V, Kidd, J, Riley, J
Conference Name2016 Canadian Hydrographic Conference
Conference DatesMay 16 - 19
Keywordsdynamic biases, industrial laser scanner, near-shore bathymetry

As commercial shipping routes expand into new areas with higher levels of depth uncertainty, there is an increasing demand for acquiring near-shore bathymetry (depths < 40 m). Littoral surveys pose a challenge for the hydrographer, not the least of which is an increased cost of operation to maintain full bottom swath coverage as depth decreases. Additionally, acquiring data in these regions imposes a stringent constraint on the vertical error budget. Some solutions provide a horizontal and vertical position referenced to the ellipsoid using a GNSS-aided inertial navigation system that can be costly. Conversely, inexpensive sensor systems may not adequately compensate for all the dynamic biases that occur during the survey (e.g., heave and dynamic draft responses to water surface patterns that occur around the vessel). This paper presents a cost-effective solution to measure the dynamic biases using an industrial laser scanner. Such technology may facilitate the use of non-hydrographic vessels-of-opportunity for accurate "crowd sourced" bathymetry data. In a collaboration between the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, HYPACK, and the National

Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, software tools were developed using a commercial-off-the-shelf laser scanner. The results of the work include theoretical modeling and experiments in laboratory and field conditions.