Measurements of the Acoustic Properties of Crude Oil

TitleMeasurements of the Acoustic Properties of Crude Oil
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsLoranger, S, Bassett, C, Weber, TC
Conference Name5th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Acoustical Society of Japan
Conference LocationHonolulu, HI
Conference DatesNov 28-Dec 2
Keywordsacoustical oceanographic, crude oil

The acoustic response of crude oil is dependent on the density and sound speed contrast between the oil and the surrounding media. To detect and quantify crude oil in the marine environment it is crucial to have accurate measures of the density and sound speed at oceanographically relevant temperatures and pressures. A meta-analysis of currently available sound speed data has found a paucity of sound speed data for crude oil at relevant temperatures (<298 K) and pressures (0.1-30 MPa). Typical sound speed measurements are confined to reservoir temperatures (>300K) and pressures (>100 MPa). In order to evaluate the use of currently available data, time-of-flight measurements in a few different types of crude oil were performed in a purpose-built chamber that simulated oceanographic conditions. These test data were compared with extrapolated sound speed curves from currently available data.