NIPWG6-35.1 S-125 Navigational Services status update

TitleNIPWG6-35.1 S-125 Navigational Services status update
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsEngstrom, S, Sullivan, BM
Department NameInternational Hydrographic Organization
Number of Pages2
Date PublishedJanuary 15
Organization NameInternational Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
LocationRostock, Germany
KeywordsIHO, Navigational Services, NIPWG, S-125

Within NIPWG, drafting of the S-125 has been put on hold. (A thorough explanation of the background and recommendations were given within the NIPWG5 status report). However discussions with and within IALA ARM have ensued resulting in the possibility of their active role in drafting the S-125.