Tidal Energy Dissipation in Three Estuarine Environments

TitleTidal Energy Dissipation in Three Estuarine Environments
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsCook, S, Lippmann, TC
Conference NameCoastal Dynamics '17
Conference DatesJune 12-16
Conference LocationHelsingør, Denmark
Keywordsestuarine hydrodynamics, numerical modeling, tidal asymmetry

Tidal energy dissipation was examined in three estuaries using a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model (COAWST; Warner, et al., 2010). The modeled M2 tidal amplitude decay and phase lag were estimated at specific locations along transects from the mouths of the estuaries to the furthest inland extent, and compared to observations where available. Nonlinear evolution of the tides was qualitatively examined with the spatial evolution of the skewness and asymmetry, and the growth of harmonic constituents. Harmonic constituents and over-tides were estimated from modeled time series of water levels and three-dimensional currents with T_TIDE (Pawlowicz, 2002). Observed evolution of tidal dissipation, harmonic growth, and nonlinear statistics are also well modeled, indicating that the nonlinear evolution of the tides is well represented in COAWST.

URL for Proceedinghttp://coastaldynamics2017.dk/onewebmedia/267_cook.pdf