U.S. Law of the Sea Cruise to Map and Sample the US Arctic Ocean Margin, Healy 1603

TitleU.S. Law of the Sea Cruise to Map and Sample the US Arctic Ocean Margin, Healy 1603
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsMayer, LA, Calder, BR, Mosher, DC
Number of Pages135
Date PublishedOctober 6
Organization NameCenter for Coastal and Ocean Mapping / Joint Hydrographic Center
LocationUniversity of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Keywordsarctic, ECS, Healy, Law of the Sea

Healy-1603 was a relatively short cruise that was scheduled late in the year when Healy time became available due to cancellation of a BOEM cruise. Originally scheduled for 11 days, the primary objective of was to collect a few key high-resolution multibeam sonar lines in the region north of the Alaskan north slope margin and on the Beringian margin to verify and further support initial foot of the slope (FoS) picks. With the decision to use Healy for ECS operations this season, discussions also began with the Canadians with respect to a possible two-ship operation with the Louis S. St. Laurent (LSL) which was scheduled for a seismic and mapping mission in the vicinity of the North Pole and the Alpha Ridge during August and September. Logistical constraints prevented the scheduling the ships for joint operations, however, both Canada and the U.S. agreed to extend their respective cruises by five days to accommodate high-priority objectives for each other -- the LSSL would attempt to collect a seismic line on the northern extension of Chukchi Cap for the U.S. and the Healy would attempt to dredge on the southern Alpha Ridge for Canada. Thus Healy-1603 was extended five days with the added objective of dredging on the Alpha Ridge. Ancillary projects on Healy-1603 included the deployment of ice buoys under the direction of Ignatius Rigor (University of Washington) and Pablo Clemente-Colón (NIC) (APPENDIX G) and the real-time underway isotopic analyses of seawater samples for ocean acidification studies under the direction of Jonathan Wynn from the University of Southern Florida (APPENDIX H). NIC on board personnel also provided sea ice analysis, tactical navigation support, and daily briefings for the Healy Command and Chief Scientist.


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