Use of Satellite Imagery for Monitoring the Mouths of Dynamic Rivers

TitleUse of Satellite Imagery for Monitoring the Mouths of Dynamic Rivers
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsFreire, R, Pe'eri, S, Alexander, L, Rzhanov, Y, Parrish, CE, Lippmann, TC
Conference Name2016 Canadian Hydrographic Conference
Conference DatesMay 16 - 19
Keywordsdynamic rivers, stellite imagery

Among the most dynamic areas that is used for maritime navigation are the river mouths. Hydrographic surveying using conventional survey technologies (e.g., single-beam, side-scan sonar, and multibeam echosounder) are useful to determine current conditions. However, these methods are not particularly effective for frequently measurement to monitor the rapid morphological changes that are common in river mouths. A supplemental approach is the use of archived satellite imagery to assess current and past trends related to the river bottom depths and shoaling. In this paper, we describe multi-temporal analysis of satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) using Landsat 8 imagery of the Yukon River, AK, USA and the Amazonas River, Brazil. The study results are useful for analyzing the stable and dynamic seafloor areas (navigable portions). Thus, it is possible to generate a set of products that present the seasonal shoal features characteristics of the season. In addition, trends of migrating shoals along the navigational channel of the river can be assessed. These trends can be further used to update position of aids to navigations, warn mariners, and

plan future surveys and dredging operations.