Wave and Current Induced Ripple Formation and Migration During a Storm

TitleWave and Current Induced Ripple Formation and Migration During a Storm
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsWengrove, ME, Foster, DL, de Schipper, MA, Lippmann, TC
Conference NameCoastal Dynamics '17
Conference DatesJune 12-16
Conference LocationHelsingør, Denmark
Keywordsbedforms, combined flows, currents, field experiment, morphodynamics, sediment transport

Field observations of bedform response to combined wave-current flows were obtained within the surf zone along the Delfland coast, The Netherlands, as part of the MEGAPEX Field Experiment in the fall of 2014. Fine scale seafloor topography was observed with a rotating pencil beam sonar along with co-located observations of waves and currents. New methods for sonar processing were implemented to find fluid-sediment boundaries, quantify bedform geometry,  and estimate bedform migration rates. Observed bedform geometries with wavelengths ranging from 0.14 to 2.5 m and migration rates between 0 and 3 cm/min are strongly influenced by variations in the flow field due to the spring-neap tidal cycle as well as forcing from several storm events. Results suggest that the combined effects of storm waves and mean currents most strongly influence small scale morphodynamic behaviors.

URL for Proceedinghttp://coastaldynamics2017.dk/onewebmedia/129_wengrove_meagan.pdf