Web-based Visualization of Integrated NextGeneration S-100 Hydrographic Datasets

TitleWeb-based Visualization of Integrated NextGeneration S-100 Hydrographic Datasets
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsButkiewicz, T, Atkin, I, Sullivan, BM, Kastrisios, C, Stevens, AH, Beregovyi, K
Conference NameOceans 2022
Conference DatesOctober 17-20
Conference LocationHampton Roads, VA
KeywordsENC, marine navigation, S-100, shoreline lidar, streamline flow visualization, web-based visualization

This paper discusses a variety of next-generation data products for marine navigation, many of which are encompassed by existing or planned S-100 standards developed by the International Hydrograph Organization. This includes electronic charts, bathymetric surfaces, shoreline lidar, and marine traffic and infrastructure features extracted from textual publications. A web-based visualization interface is presented, which demonstrates how these different data sources can be integrated together to support safer marine navigation, illustrate sailing directions, and aid efficient voyage planning.