All extensions are relative to +1.603.862.xxxx.

Namesort descending Title Ext. Email
Roland Arsenault Information Technologist 3702
Ilya Atkin Geospatial Data Visualization Specialist 3438
Michael Bogonko Spatial Data Technician 1758
Samuel Candio NOAA Physical Scientist
Sara Cardigos Data Processor 3438
Glenna Dyson Project Research Specialist 0564
KG Fairbarn Research Project Engineer IV 1581
Will Fessenden Systems Manager 4086
Adam Gibbons Software Engineer 3438
Jenna Hare Postdoctoral Research Associate 3438
Tara Hicks Johnson Outreach Manager 1417
Tianhang Hou Senior Research Data Analyst 0831
Shannon Hoy Physical Scientist
Kevin Jerram Research Scientist II 1652
Paul Johnson Data Manager 3159
Carl Kammerer Oceanographer 3285
Juliet Kinney Multibeam Mapping and Data Research Analyst
Elizabeth Kretovic Deputy to the Director
Carlo Lanzoni Project Research Specialist II 1159
Paul Lavoie Research Project Engineer 1979
Kim Lowell Research Scientist 1460
Andy McLeod Research Project Manager 2406
Brian Miles Senior Research Project Engineer 3353
Colleen Mitchell Graphic Designer 3438
Wendy Monroe Administrative Coordinator 1581
Rachel Morrison Research Assistant 1581
Thomas Morrow NOAA Physical Scientist 3438
Avery Muñoz Research Project Engineer 3438
Erin Nagel Scientific Programmer 0250
Matthew Plumlee Senior Researcher 1581
Glen Rice Physical Scientist, HSTB 1397
Matthew Rowell Research Vessel Captain 0273
Val Schmidt Principal Research Project Manager 2646
Chris Schwartz Desktop Administrator 1322
Erin Selner Business Manager 3433
Michael Sleep Systems Administrator 1303
Michael Smith Acoustic & Scientific Software Engineer 1581
Ben Smith Research Vessel Captain
Carly Stanton Scientific Programmer 3438
Drew Stevens Research Scientist II 3438
Daniel Tauriello Laboratory Manager 0622
Valerie Tillinghast Program Support Assistant 5333
Kris Tonkin Program Support Assistant 3438
Mike Tuttle Engineering Technician II 5436
Lou Van Rees Desktop Support Technician 1322
Rochelle Wigley GEBCO Project Director 1135
Katrina Wyllie NOAA Physical Scientist 2012