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Neil Weston

Affiliate Research Professor

Dr. Neil Weston's research appointment serves as a way to strengthen the academic and research ties between UNH/CCOM/JHC and the Office of Coast Survey, NOAA. His focus will be to collaborate on research activities related to GNSS/GPS positioning, geophysical phenomena affecting land/ocean interfaces, data visualization, digital signal processing, and modeling. Dr. Weston is also interested in advising/mentoring graduate students, giving invited talks/seminars, promoting OCS, NOS and NOAA scientific and technological endeavors, and strengthening high-level collaborations between the academic community and NOAA.

Dr. Weston received his doctorate from Catholic University of America in 2007 in biomedical engineering and physics, and has master's degrees from Johns Hopkins University in physics (sensor systems) and the University of South Florida in physics (laser optics and quantum electronics). He also holds positions as a Science/Technical Advisor with the U.S. State Department and as a Technical Advisor for the United Nations.

Neil Weston's Publications